Science fiction

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Rainbow Dash was a sci-fi enthusiast

Science-fiction, sometimes referred to as sci-fi or speculative fiction is a type of fiction that deals with either futuristic technology, entities from beyond our world, a mix of the two or similar concepts. It is often compared to Fantasy, as the two genres have much in common. In the land of Equestria, science-fiction has quite the following.



Patch was interested in UFOs, implying that either alien abductions or fiction about said abductions exists in Ponyland.

Friendship is Magic

The oldest known works of sci-fi is probably Star Trot, a sci-fi series from at least the 1980s, though the genre is undoubtedly much older. Sci-fi fandom goes back this far too, with Shining Armor and his buddies, Gaffer, 8-Bit and Poindexter all being huge fans of both sci-fi and fantasy. In the Era of Harmony-Era of Twilight period of history, science-fiction became more mainstream and people like Rainbow Dash and Spike have both become huge sci-fi dorks.

Works like Rocky Hoofer Picture Show are presumably works of science-fiction. Alien-invasion fiction also seems popular, as the Cutie Mark Crusaders snuck into watch a movie about space ponies.

The famed author Lovecolt wrote of his own brand of science-fiction, including horrors from beyond this world.

Science fiction television series such as Firefly also appeared to be popular in Equestria, and Spike once cosplayed as Captain Kirk at a Comic Con.

Science fiction in My Little Pony

Although characterized as a high-fantasy series for the most part, in truth My Little Pony is as science-fantasy as they come, meaning it blends sci-fi and fantasy in various ways. Usually, the science-fiction elements don't compliment the fantasy elements per say, but exist alongside them. Several sci-fi tropes including time travel, space travel, dimensional travel and so on have appeared in unabashed forms in My Little Pony since the first generation. Likewise, the show has crossed over with sci-fi works, such as Transformers and ROM Spaceknight.