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When numerous articles share the same name, a disambiguation page is formed to compile article with that name to better access. There are effectively three different types of disambiguation pages - continuity pages, given-name pages, shared name pages, and franchise name pages. Each are listed below.

Continuity pages[edit]

Examples: Derpy, Ponyville, Spike

Continuity pages are disambiguation's that are formed when a character has appeared in two or more drastically different continuities, whether it be different generations such as Spike, Scootaloo, or Applejack, or franchises such as Twilight Sparkle or Derpy.

These pages are set up in such a way that they should have a gallery to show off the visual differences of each incarnation.

Given-name pages[edit]

These are for pages for people with similar given or surnames, such as with Jack, Joseph, Megan, etc. Sometimes these pages can co-aside with characters such as Jack Pot, Jo March and Megan Williams, but these should not be set up like continuity pages.

Shared name pages[edit]

These are similar to given-name pages. They are often for characters or media who share similar or the same names, such as the case with Twilight (disambiguation).

Franchise name pages[edit]

Under construction