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Maud Pie is a pony. That's what she is. In our professional opinion (which was in no way influenced by her sisters), she's pretty good at being one! The eldest of the Pie sisters, Maud is easily the most mature, bringing a professional, deadpan demeanor to every facet of her day-to-day life. Some may say she's emotionless and cold, but that could not be any further from the truth, few ponies out there are as loving, caring and even brave as Maud. Some may also say she's odd or...'different', owing to her unique mannerisms and affection for her very own rock, Boulder, whom Maud, like her friends, like her siblings, loves dearly.

Her big heart is matched by her big brain and big brawn, being a mare of science and a mare of power. Maud is a college educated rockologist, the first of her siblings to graduate from university, and tends to manifest her passion for all things rocks and minerals in the refined science of speleology, as far as making a cave in Ponyville her permanent residence. She is also very, few strong, often making jokes out of Applejack and Rainbow Dash, the two most athletic ponies in Ponyville, in her raw physical prowess.


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