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Changelingverse Rarity
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Unicorn
ResidenceLunaverse Castle of Two Sisters
Lunar Guard's Quarters
Real world
Friendship is Magic - "The Cutie Re-Mark"
My Little Pony (Gameloft)

Lunaverse Rarity is the counterpart of Rarity in the Lunaverse alternate timeline.


The life of this version of Rarity was presumably identical with that of the main timeline's Rarity, up until the day on which, in the main timeline, the Mane Six received their Cutie Marks. However, a battle between the time-traveling {Starlight Glimmer and Twilight Sparkle distracted Lunaverse Rainbow Dash from her race with Hoops, Dumb-bell, and Score, and thus prevented her from performing her first Sonic Rainboom. As a result of these alterations to the timeline, Nightmare Moon was victorious upon escaping her exile from the moon, and sent Princess Celestia there in her place. The rebuilt Castle of Two Sisters became her seat of power, and Rarity seems to have become the castle decorator.

When the main timeline's Twilight Sparkle and Spike arrived at the castle after time traveling, they met Rarity in the process of changing out the castle's tapestries, something she had apparently already done recently. Mistaking the pair for tourists, she tried to get them to leave, and failed to recognize either of the pair. Taking no interest in Twilight's comments about time travel and altered timelines, she carried on with her work, and thus took no part in the confrontation between her mistress, the Bat Pony Royal Guard, and the travelers. Twilight and Spike eventually succeeded in traveling back in time; whether or not the Lunaverse and its Rarity continued to exist is unknown.


Lunaverse Rarity seems to have developed a cold professionalism in her servitude to Nightmare Moon, as well as losing her formerly hospitable nature. She also seems to have had something of a dislike for Dragons, having no qualms about telling Spike that she neither associated with them nor was acquainted with anypony who did. When Twilight attempted to reason with her, Rarity dismissed both her familiarity with Rarity herself and her claims of time travel.

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