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Watermelody drawing a picture of the Camp Everfree Dock

Drawing is a form of art, typically involving crayons, pencils, pens or quills. It appears to attract more-or-less the same artistic crowd as painting.

Famous artist include Sneyd, Newton, Leyendecker and Wrightson who wrote books on how to draw, which Spike would study in order to draw a birthday gift for Rarity.[1] There were also several artist who drew for comics or comic books, such as Schulz, who drew for PONIES, Mignola, who did the art for Heckcolt and R.McGinnis who created The Odd Ponies.[2]

Sunset Shimmer was also a prolific artist. Though she was mostly known for her painting career under the name "Flanksy",[3] she also drew for comic books, such as Super Squad.[4] Watermelody, a fellow student at Canterlot High School also drew in her spare time, but seemed to be more proficient at landscape pictures, rather than flowing narratives.[5]

Rarity was also an extremely talented drawer, capable of drawing detailed sketches of the folktale, The Princess's New Clothes.[2]

Twilight Sparkle would make crude drawings to help visualize her to-do lists from time to time.[6]

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