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Sunset Shimmer as "Flanksy"

Flanksy was a persona taken up by Sunset Shimmer. As Flanksy, Sunset Shimmer was an urban artist who painted on the side of buildings. She seemed to be quite popular, as crowds flocked to her works to take pictures of her art. Rarity admired Flanksy, thinking how wonderful it could be to make art without constraints or expectations of others.

When Sunset Shimmer realized how stressed Rarity was with her current order from Prim Hemline, she used her Flanksy persona to help Rarity design two new dresses, which drew in large crowds. As the crowd took pictures of the dresses, Sunset subltly told Rarity she was Flanksy all along from a nearby ally.



"Flanksy" is derived from the UK street artist "Banksy" and the equestrian term "Flank".

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