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LocationPurple Mountains
Historical information
"Crunch the Rockdog"

Eminence the Mountain King was a living mountain and the king of the Purple Mountains and creator of Crunch.


It was unclear how Eminence came to be. At some point, the Heart Stone was placed inside his body which gave him emotions, but he remained alive even when it was removed, though shifted to a cruel and "grouchy" individual. Eminence created Crunch to guard his heart and used the Black Lava Rock from the Volcano of Evil to make Cruncy indestructible, but forgot to give Crunch a heart.

When Megan and the others told him of Crunch's rampage, he allowed them to remove his Heart Stone, though afterwards he tried to kill them by collapsing the caves they were in. After they stopped Crunch and resotred his heart, Eminence reverted to his kind and gentle former-self.

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