Thief (Super Squad Goals)

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Equestria Girls character
Biographical information
ResidenceCanterlot, Equestria
Real world
"Super Squad Goals"

This unnamed Thief was a fictional character created for the Super Squad comic book. He seemed to be an insecure young male who performed petty crime to impress his girlfriend or crush.


He apparently didn't think very highly of himself. It was unknown whether or not he had a girlfriend or if there was a girl he had a crush on, either way, he robbed a jewelry store to obtain jewels in order to impress her.

After he robbed the store, he was chased down by the Super Squad who managed to chase him into an alleyway where they trapped him. Using her memory powers, Sunset Shimmer realizd why he stole the jewels and told him that he didn't need them to impress her. He broke down in tears apologizing to them, but it was to late and he was thrown into jail.



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