2,4,6, Greaaat

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"2,4,6, Greaaat"
Friendship is Magic episode
AirdateAugust 10, 2019
Length22 minutes
NetworkDiscovery Family
WriterKaita Mpambara
DirectorDenny Lu
Mike Myhre

"2,4,6, Greaaat" is the 15th episode of the 9th and final season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It stars Rainbow Dash becoming the head coach of the Friendship Squad.


Twilight Sparkle assigns Rainbow Dash to being the coach of the Friendship Squad, a team consisting of newcomers Shimmy Shake and Light Hoof, as well as Yona, Smolder and Ocellus in order to cheer on the School of Friendship buckball team as they play against the Princess Celestia's School of Friendship buckball team. Later, Snips becomes her co-coach. All the while, Snips, who later becomes her co-coach, is trying to sell merchandise of the team so he can be set for life. Dash is overwhelmingly uninterested in their performance and constantly leaves to see how the actual sports team is doing.

This eventually culminates with her having breakdowns believing Dash doesn't care about cheer or them. Dash, eager to prove she still cares about her friends, sends Snips to get all the girls back so they can practice once again. In their one-day left of practice, Dash ends up getting extremely invested in their game. When the game actually commences, Rainbow Dash and her friends cheer goes off without a hitch, though their team still loses by one point. Still, the cheer squad is happy with their success. Meanwhile, Twilight not-so-subtly reveals that she assigned Dash to the team so Dash could overcome her own hurdles and learn that even though she doesn't care about things, she can still care about the people who do care.


Characters and groups






Behind the scenes


  • The episode has several callbacks to "Common Ground". Snips directly references the events of the episode and Rainbow Dash's exploits in the episode are hinted at.
  • Celestia uses her Royal Canterlot Voice to cheer on her team.
  • Snails' near celebrity status involving his Buckball skills are referenced quite a bit.


  • Snips and Snails have notably improved upon their magic as the seasons go on. In this episode, Snips was able to effortlessly catch Ocellus when she fell off her bed and even slowed down Rainbow Dash



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