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Toei Animation is an animation company based in Japan. Thoughly mostly known for producing animation for a variety of anime productions, in the 1980s, Toei actually did animation work for a number of western cartoon series', including being one of the animation companies involved in the original My Little Pony cartoon show from 1986. Toei's first involvement in My Little Pony began in 1984 with their work in "Rescue at Midnight Castle", the first major piece of My Little Pony animated media. Eagle-eyed viewers can notice subtle "anime style" aesthetics in stories Toei animated, such as when Cotton Candy transforms into a dragon in the aforementioned special.

The exact stories Toei animated aside from "Rescue at Midnight Castle" and My Little Pony: The Movie is unclear, but they were one of two known animation companies, the other being AKOM. They did not animate for any subsequent media, however, series they've worked on have been referenced in the series, most notably, Dragon Ball.

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