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AKOM in the credits of "Slumber Party"

AKOM (Animation KOrea Movie) is a South Korean animation company who provided the animation for a handful of Hasbro properties over the years, such as My Little Pony Tales and The Transformers and did animation work for My Little Pony: The Movie alongside Toei Animation.

Outside of Hasbro work, they've also animated over 200 episodes of The Simpsons and animated the first 11 seasons of Arthur

The reputation of the studio is mixed among different fanbases. In The Transformers community, AKOM is rather infamous for poor animation, while their work on Arthur is usually considered the best animation the series has ever had, with many fans claiming that the post-AKOM seasons just not being the same. In terms of the My Little Pony, AKOM doesn't seem to hold a special place as being particularly good or bad, however some fans have noted that their work on My Little Pony tended to be better than most cartoons in the 1980s.


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