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Applejack drinking tea on a windy Fall day

Tea is a type of drink, typically enjoyed by ponies and humans. In pony societies at least, Tea Parties are very common events among two or more ponies or other creatures at a time, as a sort of bonding exercise or simply for hanging out. Tea Parties are usually considered peaceful, relaxed ordeals. In terms of business, there's a tea shop in Canterlot known as "Tealove's Tea Room", ran by Tealove herself. In contrast to the peaceful and gentle image Tea typically has in Equestria, Tealove is feisty, adventurous and even prone to violence.

In human societies, Tea is more of a solitary thing, a drink usually enjoyed by individuals without it being made into an event. Tea appears popular with teenagers, along with coffee, as they are sometimes seen drinking it, especially in cold environments.






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