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A cup of coffee

Coffee is a beverage mostly famed for its abilities to energize its drinkers. It's mostly popular with adults. It's related to, and usually sold side-by-side, with Lattes.


Friendship is Magic[edit]

Coffee was sold at the Canterlot Cafe[1]

Suri Polomare would use her assistant to get her coffee.[2]

Princess Celestia, disguised as a common pegasus, drunk a cup of coffee at Cafe Nervousa in order to hear how her citizens think of her when they're not in her presence.[3]

Equestria Girls[edit]

Juniper Montage often helped out her uncle, Canter Zoom, on set by giving him cups of coffee.[4]

Students of both Canterlot High School and Crystal Prep Academy would both frequeintly drink coffee at a place called "The Drip".[5]

Places that sell coffee[edit]



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