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Melody, Jing-A-Ting and Ting-A-Ling watching PTV. If I were more crass, I'd male a Family Guy joke here.

PTV was a television channel featured in My Little Pony Tales that debuted in "Battle of the Bands". The channel hosted a "Battle of the Bands" event where three different bands participated to see who was the best. In the end, the The Rockin' Beats won handily. The channel was hosted by Dazzle.

Franchise legacy

"PTV" exist within the Universe of Friendship is Magic as well, under the same name. The only known host there was Neigh-Na Bee, who channel the show during the 80s run. It's unknown if the channel is still operational by the Era of Harmony or not.

"PTV" is also the name of a comic story featured in Friendship is Magic #12


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