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SpeciesPony  • Earth pony
Real world
"Battle of the Bands"

Dazzle was the host of PTV.


Dazzle was rumored to be the girlfriend of a member of the Cleveland Bays[1] and ran at least one show on PTV where she covered cultural events in Ponyland, such as plays and music. She hosted the Battle of the Bands event and considered The Rockin' Beats as the winners[2] and later interviewed Melody after she won the part of The Princess in a play, where the haughty pony admitted that to be a good star in a play, she needed to let the other cast and crew contribute their parts as well.[3]

Franchise legacy

While she hasn't directly appeared in Generation 4 (as far as we know), Dazzle was succeeded by Neigh-Na Bee as the host of PTV in Friendship is Magic


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