My Little Pony issue 1

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My Little Pony #1
Dates May 25, 2022
Artist Amy Mebberson
Writer Celeste Bronfman
Colorist Heather Breckel
Letterer Neil Uyetake
Cover(s) Amy Mebberson
Editor Jonathan Manning

My Little Pony #1 is the first issue of My Little Pony. Shocker, huh? When magic begins to disappear in Equestria, the Mane Five seek out to find out what's going on!


The story starts with a young Sunny Starscout and Argyle talking about the history of Canterlot, specifically the Gate of the Ancients, with the dad telling his daughter to never make another pony feel lesser based off how they were born. Flash forward several years and an adult Sunny is talking with her shrine of Argyle about how things are going, before leaving to play flyball with Zipp and Pipp. Izzy Moonbow however, starts to feel left out, as she can't fly like them, nor does she fit in with Hitch's crowd either.

However, magic starts to fluctuate. Pipp nearly falls to her doom and a construction worker nearly gets crushed by a statue she was moving with her magic -- both are saved by Izzy and the Mane Five team up to see what's going on, eventually discovering that one of the Unity Crystals has been stolen. Zipp, a would-be detective starts to look for clues, eventually discovering an out-of-place string that apparently came from a nearby forest, as per Cloudpuff's scent.

They enter the forest, and soon split up, leaving Izzy behind. While she does her own exploration, she comes across the Gate of the Ancients and the ruined city of Canterlot.


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