Miss Bloom

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Miss Bloom
TALES18 Miss Bloom.png
Species Pony
Kind Earth pony
Gender Female
Address Bloom residence/5200
First "Sister of the Bride"

Miss Bloom was the mother of Clover and Meadowlark and mother-in-law of Cheval.


Miss Bloom was the mother of both Clover and Meadowlark. She helped oversee he wedding of Meadowlark and Cheval, but her high-stress personality and overally emotional nature made it difficult for her. She eventually fainted when she thought the wedding was canceled and had to be revived by Sweetheart. She was in tears when the wedding actually took place.[1]

When in less stressful situations, she appeared to be a much kinder, sweeter mother. She allowed Cheval to stay in her home and treated him like her own son and showed Clover much love and care.[2]



Though a loving mother, Miss Bloom was highly emotional, stressed and even a bit dismissive of her children. She fainted if news got to bad and tended to fret over the small things.



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