Hippogriff armor

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Hippogriff armor is a type of armor worn by Hippogriffs, including those transformed into Seaponies, for ceremonial and/or combat purposes. It consists of two pieces: an open-faced helmet with a crest from which the Hippogriff's mane is able to emerge out the back, and a combination crinnet/peytral piece that protects the back of the neck and front of the chest. This piece bears the insignia of the Hippogriff Kingdom on its front. Both armor pieces are typically seen in gold, though at least one set of armor has been seen in a dull gray/silver color.

Hippogriff armor is most notably worn by Hippogriff Royal Guards, though Sky Beak and the "Regal Hippogriff" are not known to be part of that organization despite wearing the armor. It is also unknown whether Cobalt Cloudhunter is a current or former member of the Hippogriff guards. The armor may be indicative of membership in the Hippogriff armed forces, though notably sailors-including General Seaspray-wear uniforms rather than armor, at least in peacetime.