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Kara, a Mountain Elf

Elves are a race of magical humanoid, and in some cases, Gnome/Dwarf-like beings.


My Little Pony 'n Friends

Elves seemed to hail from the Green Mountain region, with a kingdom known only as the Mountain Elf Kingdom being founded on top of the mountain. The kingdom was lead by Maive, the child princess, who in turn was cared for by Kara, her care-taker. The elves had access to a Golden Horseshoe, which allowed them the ability to fly and teleport, though they eventually gave it up to save Mimic.

My Little Pony Comic

Baby Alphabet and Baby Pictures came across a distraught Calendar Elf named September, who was kicked out of his cottage because he couldn't spell his name, as per ruling of his queen, the Calendar Queen. With the help of the fillies, he managed to spell his name and gain back his cottage.

Friendship is Magic

Elves are common characters in Ogres and Oubliettes. Gizmo role-played as an elf named Lejandar Gygax.

Equestria Girls

Snips role-played as an elf in his campaign with the Role-playing club.

List of elves

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