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Template:NQ Message Box Template:Animation Bernie Sanders (or, an actor portraying him) appears on Conan as Junebug in an attempt to raise awareness against the evils of Equestrian capitalism and how rich families such as the Rich family and Spoon family own as much land as 99% of Equestrians.




Continuity issues

Obviously, the skit is non-canon and is a parody, but does attempt to make some references to the lore and continuity of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic but claims that the Rich family are billionaires, when their wealth is essentially localized to one town. Likewise, it implies that Chrysalis and Sombra are not universally feared entities in Equestria and uses terminology like 'horsefields' to denote land land area and sugarcubes as currency. In Equestria, land area is measured with imperial units and Bits are currency, not sugarcubes.

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