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Early Chinese media depicting Fluttershy wearing a Corona Virus mask

In order to encourage fans of My Little Pony to stay home and safe, Hasbro and staff members have released a number of pieces of media. In addition, some releases have been delyaed. You can read about the virus on Wikipedia.

Official Hasbro media

Sing-a-Longs ("Music Monday")

My Little Pony Sing Along Compilation #1

Track listing

  1. 0:05 - "Living in Color"
  2. 2:42 - "Make a Wish"
  3. 3:33 - "Raise This Barn"
  4. 5:48 - "How The Magic of Friendship Grows"
  5. 9:20 - "Cutie Mark Crusaders"

Upload date: March 23, 2020

My Little Pony Sing Along Compilation #2

Track listing

  1. 0:04 - "Let the Rainbow Remind You"
  2. 1:17 - "Better Than Ever"
  3. 2:55 - "Twilight's Failure Song"
  4. 4:50 - "Life is a Runway"
  5. 6:47 - "Being Big Is All It Takes"

Upload date: March 30, 2020


In March 2020, Hasbro released a series of cards with "tasks" for kids to complete, all of which would be done in their house, such as coloring, or watch a video.[1]

Other staff media

Ian Hanlin released a video on Twitter in-character as Sunburst telling people to stay safe at home.

Cases among staff

On September 22, 2020, it was reported that Murashige Anna, who cameoed in Little Pony TV has caught the virus.


Several comics were delayed, most likely due to the virus. These comics include