Brynna Drummond

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Brynna Drummond
My Little Pony staff
Job(s)Voice actor

Brynna Drummond (October 29, 1997) is a Canadian voice actress from British Columbia. She is the daughter of Brian Drummond and is is best known for her portrayal of Babs Seed in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic who despite only having two voiced speaking roles, became a well beloved character. Her roles beyond My Little Pony include Antonia in Ninjago, Princess Aubrey in Barbie and John in New Adventures of Peter Pan.

Drummond was active in the fandom, appearing in fan conventions from 2015-2017, unsurprisingly having a fondness for BABSCon in particular. Her relationship with Drummond has also spawned several memes and fanarts of the two together as Saiyans from the Dragon Ball franchise.

Her Latin American Spanish dub-over actress is Nycolle González.


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