Timeline of Friendship is Magic history

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The chronology and history of the world of Friendship is Magic has always been a contradictory and confusing one. This article will attempt to piece together the complete chronology of the world from the dawn of time to the alien invasion that happens at the point beyond "Spoilers".


Time immemorial

  • At some point in the far, far distant past, the multiverse comes into existence, sprouting infinite timelines over the course of history.[1][2][3]

Before ponies

  • At some point in the farthest reaches of history before the dinosaurs roamed the earth, dark, sentient trees existed.[6]
  • Before the dinosaurs, simple ocean life such as fish and jellyfish lived in the oceans of Earth.[6]
  • Millions of years ago, dinosaurs roamed the earth.[7][8][Q 2][6]

Early pony history



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