The Flying Reindeer

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Won't you guide my sleigh tonight?

The Flying Reindeer was a "fillies book" written by Princess Luna about Rainbow, the flying reindeer.


The book was of course, written by Princess Luna. When Spike and Twilight Sparkle were stuck in a train station in Canterlot, they found a kart with a series of "filly books", which they read to to past the time. The first of which was The Flying Reindeer. After they finished reading it, they moved on to The Toy and the Mouse.


The book stars Rainbow the flying Raindeer. Due to her unique power, Rainbow was banned playing the Reindeer games such as Mare-Opoly. Feeling rejected and lonely, Rainbow was soon met by the psychotic and violent Princess Luna, who picked up a fight with a flock of geese. After Rainbow saved the geese from Luna's fruit cake, Luna was impressed by Rainbow's power. Despite a heartfelt speech, Luna started to "annoy" Rainbow again and forced her to fly her slay away.






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