Rainbow the Flying Reindeer

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Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesDeer  • Reindeer
ResidenceReindeer village
Real world
My Little Pony Holiday Special

Rainbow the Flying Reindeer was the main character of The Flying Reindeer, a "fillies book" written by Princess Luna.


Being the only Reindeer who could fly, Rainbow was shunned by her fellow reindeer and couldn't play any Reindeer games with them. Feeling alone, Rainbow soon came in contact with the idiotic and weird Princess Luna, who got in a fight with a flock of geese. Rainbow saved the geese from Luna, and though Luna gave a heartfelt speech about the importance of her ability to fly, soon went back to being "annoying" and forced Rainbow to fly her slay for her.


Despite being neglected, Rainbow was still a kind-hearted reindeer who went out of her way to protect a flock of birds from Luna's episode. She took the shunning very personally and although spunky, was sadened that nodeer wanted to spend time with her.


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