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"The Great Rainbow Caper"

Gock was a gizmonk who developed technological gizmos with his fellow gozmonk, Gluda.


In their past, Gock and Gluda both captured several exotic animals, such as the Lesser Crested Snickerwhacker and other oddities, whom they kept in cages. Inventors by heart, the duo built a variety of advanced technology with their resources, such as spy cameras and the Sub Etheric Discombobulater. When they saw the Rainbow of Light in action, they wished to steal it so they could make even greater inventions with it.

When Danny Williams and Surprise found themselves near their residence, they sent the Snickerwhacker to confront the two as they trapped them in a cage. After being trapped, they imprisoned them in their house so they could steal the Rainbow but was discouraged when they found that he had no such thing. Using their servant Drudge to get the attention of Megan Williams, they decided to use Danny and Surprise as hostages. After Drudge returned, Gock allowed Drudge to let the two out. Together, the three destroyed several inventions and let all their animals out, causing Gock and Gluda to run from their house and vow that Danny and Surprise were allowed to go free.


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