My Name is Rainbow Dash

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My Name is Rainbow Dash was a short film directed by Rainbow Dash and starred her portayed by an unknown actress for the A Princess' Diary collaboration film.



It was the first segment in A Princess' Diary. It was a a loud, dramatic film with Rainbow Dash saving her friends from harms wayby using her sheer speed. In one scene adapting the time when Rarity gained butterfly wings and nearly fell to her doom, Rainbow Dash saved her by out speeding her fall.



It was...poorly received to say the least

The film's reception was poor. Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Applejack were all taken aback by it. Rarity complained that it wasn't accurate and cited the loud noise. Fluttershy claimed it was "deafening" and Applejack never shifted her expression of poor horror.

Behind the scenes

The entire film was a collection of short homages to previous episodes.

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