My Little Pony Live: The World's Biggest Tea Party

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My Little Pony Live: The World's Biggest Tea Party is a live show and stage production performed from 2006 to 2008, produced under the VEE Corporation. The September 16, 2008 showing was recorded and released on DVD by Paramount Home Entertainment. The show was notable for having full costumed characters but with voice lines pre-recorded by the current voice cast of the franchise.



According to actress Elissa Newcorn, the show played at least 8 times a week, and traveled to 54 cities.[1]



Role Voice Suit Singing
Sweetberry Kathleen Barr Elissa Newcorn
Sew-and-So Kathleen Barr Matt Jones
Spike Brian Drummond David Vain
Ladybugs Scottie Haskell, Pamela Newland Corrine Atlas, Jamie Critelli, Ally Smith
Pinkie Pie Janyse Jaud Carmela Adams, Sheila Murphy
Zipzee Andrea Libman
Tra La La Britta McKillip
Minty Tabitha St. Germain Taylor Morgan
Thistle Whistle Tabitha St. Germain Carlos Martinez
Wysteria Tabitha St. Germain Lauren Bloom
Tiddlywink Chantal Strand
Rainbow Dash Venus Terzo Timothy Caouette
Rarity Cathy Weseluck Danny Mendoza
Swing Performer N/A Josh Bourque N/A



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