My Little Pony: The Art of Equestria

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My Little Pony: The Art of Equestria
Friendship is Magic publication
AuthorMary Jane Begin

My Little Pony: The Art of Equestria is an art book published by Abrams in 2013. It contains several interviews and behind-the-scenes accounts of the art design and production of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Many of the contents of the books revolve around an interview with Matt Mattus and several members of DHX Media and Hasbro.



Pony Evolution

Child of the '80s

Article by Mary Jane Begin. Features full-spread artwork from Generation 1 and packaging art from Generations 1, 3, 3.5 and 4. The article skips over Generation 2, likely due to its failure in the states. No artist is credited.

Dawn of Equestria

Features snippets of the interview with Mattus, featuring artwork of Applejack by Lauren Faust. Mattus discusses how the talented writers and animators helped make the show so successful with not just little girls, but people of all ages and all genders.

Early Development Art

More interview with Mattus, discussing how Lauren Faust made the world so realized, down to how ponies eat or travel. Features several more early sketches of the core cast, side characters and background characters.

Sparks of Magic, an Interview with Lauren Faust

In this interview, Faust discusses her early influences such as fantasy novels, Disney, comic books and cartoons in general. She mentions how she wanted to be a biologist too, but picked animator as her dream job, her early days as an amateur doll designer, all the materials she used to draw and more. Features several pieces of concept art on nearly every character of the first season.


Writers and interviewees

Illustrators and designers

Hasbro Studios

Hasbro Publishing





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