Mountain Kings

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Not to be confused with the Mountain King, Eminence

"WE'E GOING TO BE FREE! NO RULES! No ponies telling us what to do! We're free!"
"We are the Mountain Kings!"
— Snips and Snails respectively[source]

The Mountain Kings were a group founded by, and exclusively populated by, Snips and Snails during their adventure in the Foal Mountains.


While they were separated from Miss Cheerilee's class, Snips and Snails created the "Mountain Kings" personas, characterized by their carefree attitude and a lack of rules. Other fillies didn't react well to their new personas, even if the "Mountain Kings" proved to be heroic and kind figures, always helping out their friends and showing sympathy and concern when stuff went array. Eventually, they dropped the personas but still remained kind and helpful to their friends.


  • Mountain King crowns: Snips and Snails both had crowns with leaves and twigs on them. The crowns were destroyed when they were being chased by a bear.