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TALES2 Rusty.png
Species Pony
Kind Earth pony
Gender Male
First "Too Sick to Notice"

Rusty was a young, male Earth Pony and younger brother of Misty and Bon Bon and older brother of Amber, Twink and Baby Pony. Rusty was a caring and serious-minded young man whose willing to help his siblings in any way he can.


When Baby Pony caught a cold, Rusty helped out by doing laundry for his mother, but Bon Bon erroneously thought he was playing and messed with the laundry, setting him back. This was one of the few events that inspired Bon Bon to try to act sick to get the attention of her family. When she did, Rusty grew worried for her and later he and his father went to the store to pick up magazines (Pony beat, Teen Pony and Super Teen Pony) to cheer her up. He eventually caught the same cold as Baby Pony and had to be cared for by Bon Bon.[1]



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