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Jan Rabson
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Jan Rabson (June 14, 1954 - October 13, 2022) was an American voice actor based in Canada whose career spanned for some four decades. He was best known for portraying Tetsuo Shima in the seminal classic Akira and Larry Laffer in the cult-classic adult adventure games, Leisure Suit Larry, the latter of whom he portrayed until the year leading up to his death.

Getting his start as apart of the Johnny Carson's "Mighty Carson Art Players", Rabson would appear in over 100 acting projects in his lifetime. Many of these projects would be high-profile, even if his roles were quite minor, such as Knight Rider, Toy Story, Babylon 5, Justice League, WALL-E, Ponyo, Up and far more. He also made prominent appearances in the Cars and the Despicable Me franchises.


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  • Both appearances are mystery-themed episodes.

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