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HasCon was the official Hasbro convention. It was held in 2017, with another convention intended to be held in 2019, but was canceled. There have been no HasCon conventions held since. It was held in Rhode Island.


Bold guests are guests who have had work done on My Little Pony.

# Name Known for Other app
1 Maddie Ziegler Dancer and author N/A
2 Mark Wahlberg Actor N/A
3 Danny Amendola New England Patriots Wide Receiver N/A
4 David Oritz Professional Baseball Player N/A
5 Jackie Bradley, Jr. Baseball player N/A
6 James White New England Patriots Running Back N/A
7 Stan Lee Marvel Comics legend N/A
8 Zach King Film maker N/A
9 Charisma Star Internet famous N/A
10 Marcelo Matere IDW Publishing illustrator N/A
11 Flo Rida Rapper/Songwriter
12 Peter Cullen Voice actor, voice of Optimus Prime App.
13 Frank Welker Voice actor, voice of Megatron App.
14 Daya Singer and songwriter N/A
15 James Gunn Film director and water N/A
16 Chris Ryall IDW Chief Creative Officer N/A
17 Andrea Libman Voice actor, voice of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy App.
18 Dude Perfect NERF Influencers N/A
19 Mark Rosewater Magic: The Gathering designer N/A
20 Meghan McCarthy Writer App.
21 Mark Boudreaux Star Wars designer. N/A
22 Cathy Weseluck Voice actor, voice of Spike. Voice director. App.
23 Candace Payne "Chewbacca Mom" N/A
24 John Warden Transformers design manager
25 Derryl DePriest Hasbro global brand strategy N/A
26 Len Cabral Storyteller N/A
27 Summer Hayes My Little Pony historian App.
28 Lorenzo di Bonaventura Producer of Transformers and G.I. Joe films N/A
29 Christine Sprankle Cosplayer N/A
30 Aleksi Briclot Magic: The Gathering illustrator
31 Brenda Hickey My Little Pony artist App.
32 Chris Rahn Magic: The Gathering illustrator N/A
33 Tyler Jacobson Magic: The Gathering illustrator N/A
34 Victor Adame Minguez Magic: The Gathering illustrator N/A


# Title Type Publisher/Manufacturer
1 When Worlds Collide Comic Hasbro

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