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Not to be confused with the character, Hanazuki
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Hanazuki, fully titled, Hanazüki: Full of Treasures is a media franchise created by Hasbro that first began airing in 2017, though the conception of the series dates back to at least 2013. Much like current Equestria Girls media, the series is mostly aired through online through services such as YouTube, though other media such as comics are also sold.

Connection to My Little Pony

Hanazuki has appeared in a handful My Little Pony media over the years. Notably, the two series directly crossed over (though didn't interact much) in "When Worlds Collide", a short comic story that crossed over Transformers, G.I. Joe, Mr. Potato Head, Littlest Pet Shop, Hanazuki and My Little Pony. In addition, Hasbro Toybox featured stories from the Hanazuki comics in the issues "The Fun Never Stops" and "Fun For All". In addition, writer Whitney Ralls is also deeply involved in the creation of Hanazuki media.

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