Game of Life

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Game of Life
My Little Pony video game
DeveloperHasbro Gaming
GenreLife simulation

Game of Life is one of Hasbro's most iconic games, next to Monopoly. It has been re-released countless times, either as rules change and update, or as Hasbro finds new ways to brand it. They'll never find enough ways.



In 2014, the bonafide ponifide version of the Game of Life was announced and very quickly canceled.[1] The cancelation was uncanceled months later and released in August of that same year.[2] As of 2022, the game has been discontinued.

The game features a plot involving the Summer Sun Celebration.

The player characters are Twilight Sparkle, Derpy, Vinyl Scratch, and Dr. Hooves. A somewhat random assortment of characters until you realize that other than Twily, each of them were well-known meme characters. Th game identifies Derpy a 'Muffins' and Vinyl as 'DJ-PON3'.

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