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Button Mash is one of those characters who could've only been made in the early seasons of the show. In that, he wasn't even a character, but his bizarre popularity gave way to an entire mythology involving the trials and tribulations of one Button Mash, which almost always boiled down to "he likes to play video games". Surprisingly, in the context of the actual show, Button has displayed a variety of other interests outside of gaming, such as dance, music and sports.


Being an avid gamer, Button Mash was seen playing video games at Ponyville arcade while the Cutie Mark Crusaders were singing about trying to find a very special somepony for Miss Cheerilee.[1] Much later down the line, he was seen at Ponyville Schoolhouse and later took a photo alongside his classmates, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie and others.[2] Later, Button Mash was at Ponyville theater watching the performance and later cheered on Tender Taps when he danced on stage.[3] Buttons would later sing with his class in the Castle of Friendship and the rest of the town during Hearths Warming in serene harmony.[4] At some point, Button attended a baseball game and cheered on Gabby.[5]


Personal life

Button Mash may be in some way related to the Apple Family as he lives with Aunt Applesauce. He attends Ponyville Schoolhouse and seems to be friends with Snips, Snails and Twist. Button seems to be a fan of dance, as he cheered on Tender Taps'when he danced in Ponyville theater and also appears to be an avid fan of sports, or at least baseball. Button seems to be a fan of Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Melody as well, given how he attended their concert. Sweetie Belle referred to him as the one who was "too young" when looking for a Very Special Somepony for Cheerilee.


  • As mentioned in the opener, much of the established "Button Mash canon" is mostly fanfiction, which means his relationship with Sweetie Belle doesn't appear to be valid and his infamous mother does not appear to be a canonical character.
  • Button is one of the many minor background characters who became popular for one reason or another. Unlike some other noteworthy examples however, Button's popularity isn't necessarily from consistent background roles, but instead of a single small appearance. Unlike other minor characters who became popular, Button Mash has yet to receive any particularly major appearances outside of small scenes or cameos.
  • Button is one of the few show characters to never really appear in the comics, or at least has any known appearance. This could be due to several comic writers or artists only focusing on a small amount of background characters in order to make them stand out more.


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