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I was born in 1997 on 7 August, born as Jordan. I am a Transgender woman and longtime fan of My Little Pony. While I enjoy the series in all of its incarnations, my favorite series is Equestria Girls for its slightly more grounded setting and far more expressive and memorable background guys. My Little Pony is what ultimately lead me to discover my transexuality, so bonus points. I first got into the series in around 2011-ish when I saw an old PMV and thought the series was soooo cool, but my sister thought it wasn't appropriate for boys so...yeah.

I try to live my life around the simple principal of "be kind, be friendly, be polite and make friends if you can", but I do not tolerate bigotry or hate-speech of any kind. If I see any sort of harassment based off any of that, you're gone. That said, as long as people's views and opinions aren't linked to hate, I try to be respectful, even if it's something I do not understand.

Never feel afraid to shoot me a message or email! While I do not ignore people, sometimes due other obligations or health issues, I cannot reply on-time and sometimes forget, so never hesitate to remind me once every day or so (or even few hours of it's dire).

Outside of My Little Pony, I am a Beatles enthusiast, bird lover, amateur voice actress and an aspiring fiction writer.


List of My Little Pony characters from good to bad (Part 1, only good to not-so-good but not evil guys)


Only Friendship is Magic characters, Equestria Girs characters get their own list, which includes Equestria Girls versions of FIM characters.
Reformed villains are a bit murky but are counted.

Perfect little angles

  1. 1. Cheese Sandwich.

It might surprise some of you that Fluttershy or any other member of the Mane Six did not reach #1, hear me out, I'll get to that in a bit. When you really think about it, Cheese Sandwich has never displayed any remotely malicious attributes. He's a good-natured guy who appears to be a loving father and husband and sincerely seems to care about just about everyone he comes in contact with. A fantastic boss who makes sure his workers have the best working condition he can give them and all around sweet guy, what really makes Cheese number one in our books is his role in "The Last Laugh".

After failing to make people smile like he once did, Cheese falls into a depression, but he doesn't lash out at his loved ones, or make conditions for any of his workers worse, he isolates himself sure, but he actively tries to get himself out of his funk and never gives up. Not only does that she that he fundamentally cares about others above himself, but he also has an incredibly strong work ethic and n unbridled desire to do good in the world. Cheese, you're just the best.

  1. 2 Derpy Hooves

Ah Derpy, the lovable, innocent ball of chaos and love. For the longest time, I was unsure if I should put Derpy at #1 or #2, but I ultimately decided on number 2. Like Cheese, Derpy is just overall a very kind-hearted, loving, good-natured and sweet pony. She always tries to help others, even if her help is sometimes more trouble than it's worth, it's never out of malice but sheer dimwittedness. She's shown to be incredibly loyal to her town and her friends, and seems to go with the flow more often than not.

What makes Derpy just that little bit more special is her forgiving nature and her steadfast attempt to actively do good. She forgave Luna during Nightmare Rarity after realizing she was a truly brave and kind monarch and actively tried to help out in planning Cranky and Matilda's wedding. The only thing that really knocks points for her, is the fact that she did seem to show signs of actual malice towards Luna during Nightmare Rarity and the fact that we never really saw her at her absolute lows like Cheese.

  1. 3 Snails probably a surprise but hear me out. a good boy. He's sweet, kind, even brave and rarely ever lets things get to him. He always tries to be helpful in his own way and even takes on a bit of a mentor role as the show goes on and he becomes a successful athlete. Like Fluttershy, Snails' biggest shortcomings is his stupidity, however, while Derpy's closest friend is the kind-hearted and amazingly intelligent Dr. Hooves, Snails' best friend is Snips, who is unarguably a bad influence on poor little Snails. Regardless, he's shown to absolutely love Snips and the two have an incredibly tight friendship as a result...even if Snips' isn't afraid to exploit Snails for money.

His only real negative traits aside from that is his attention-seeking and slightly vain nature, trying to get his face in the Foal Free Press and apparently refusing to hang out with the CMC as they weren't "cool" enough for him, however that last bit may've just been a slightly mean-spirited joke on his part.

  1. 4 Lyra and Bon Bon

While these two are distinct characters in their own regard, I felt that, because most of their scenes are together, and thus their morality was shown to be about the same, I'd include them as a single item.

What can you really say about these two? A pair lesbian, monster-hunting, universe-saving ponies who kick butt in the name of good. Despite their somewhat violent profession, they're never shown to be anything but kind, brave, selfless and caring. Bon Bon was displayed as being rude in the first two seasons, however, this was before the two were ever really defined as characters so I'm not really counting it. I want to give special shout outs to Lyra, as she often goes against the rigid docket of her missions to assure ponies are happy and safe, like when she allowed the CMC to interact with their future selves to get a confidence boost.

The only reason why I put them lower than Snails is, that even though they are nothing but kind ponies, their profession still requires them to physically attack sentient beings from time to time, and for the childhood innocence of Snails.

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