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Hi, I'm Amelia, but my friends call me either Millie or Ammi! You may previously have known me as Jordan or Jordan D, or even Darkanine. See below for deets.

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I do a lot of reading! If you, for whatever reason, care about that stuff, I try to archive most of what I read on my League of Comic Geeks and GoodRead pages, seen below:

I currently have 22,778 edits! However, since the wiki spent half of its lifespan on another service, the actual count is closer to 60,000.

This weeks workload...[edit]

Not everything here will likely be done this week, but I will do my best to make sure most of it is.


I was born in 1997 on 7 August, born as Jordan. I am a Transgender woman and longtime fan of My Little Pony. While I enjoy the series in all of its incarnations, my favorite series is Equestria Girls. My Little Pony is what ultimately lead me to discover my transexuality, so bonus points. I first got into the series in around 2011-ish when I saw an old PMV and thought the series was soooo cool, but my sister thought it wasn't appropriate for boys so...yeah.

I am, by most accounts, a very friendly person who loves to talk with people and make friends, but I do not tolerate bigotry or hate-speech of any kind. If I see any sort of harassment based off any of that, you're gone. That said, I respect people's differences as long as they're not hostile about them.

Never feel afraid to shoot me a message or email! While I do not ignore people, sometimes due other obligations or health issues, I cannot reply on-time and sometimes forget, so never hesitate to remind me once every day or so (or even few hours of it's dire).

Outside of My Little Pony, I am a Beatles enthusiast, bird lover, photographer, amateur YouTuber, comic letterer, and an aspiring fiction writer. My other fandoms include the TMNT, 2000 AD, Superman, Power Girl, Transformers, He-Man, the Peanuts, and the Phantom. links of note[edit]


Immediate projects[edit]

  • Write articles for G5 episodes and comics.
    • Write articles for new characters and expand old ones.
  • Clean up code and infoboxes. Gonna convert the Performers section into a BTS section to include character creators/adaptors.
    • Also going to fuse relationships and personal life. Some minor characters don't have known relationships.
    • Infoboxes off the top of my head that need fixing: Comic and place.
  • Fix up infoboxes to re-include parameters for auto-adding categories. They were just very roughly handled before.
  • FIX NAVBOXES FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! I think this one would be easy, just need to reconfigure old code.
  • Clean up Bon Bon to be set as our new standard of page quality/formatting. Basically no differences from current format, except for a more in-depth Appearances and Design sections.

Long term projects[edit]

  • Add pages for
    • Toy magazines
      • Toys World
      • Toys R Us Magazine
      • What little MLP magazines I can find.
    • MLP Books
    • Episodes
    • Toylines
  • Organize a grand list of changes to help organize, label, and run things better.
  • Research the old My Little Pony fandom, to eventually add fandom pages!

Images to replace[edit]

Character images[edit]

We naturally gravitated towards face-shots rather then body shots, so some images look slightly out of place when used in galleries like voice actors. A list of these images are:

Staff images[edit]

  • Gabriel Brown - Was really into the notion of 'image HAS to be related to MLP in some way' but the current image is awful lol.
  • Claire Corlett - Was used because it's a free file on Wikimedia, thus I didn't have to upload it. However, her having a pic of her as a child is a little weird given how the articles briefly go into her current personal life.
  • Venus Terzo - Image just looks weird.

Images to find[edit]

  • Ulla Ollikainen. She portrayed a nurse in the movie Päivää, herra Kivi, which I cannot find any footage of...

Obscure resources[edit]

Toy catalogues[edit]

Foreign productions[edit]

My Little Pony Hind dub[edit]

So for some reason, the Hindi dub of My Little Pony is weirdly elusive. My girlfriend is a native Hindi speaker from India so I may have to rely on her for help...but we don't even know if the dub exists.

I've asked her abut it twice, but she doesn't remember t ever airing. She is really into cartoons, so I'd think she would've at least heard of it.

Here's what I've fond so far.

  • Aired on Pogo assuming this is accurate. IEP is usually reliable but all fan wikis run the risk of being edited by whoever.
  • First season available for streaming on Indian Amazon Prime with Hindi audio.
    • The MLP Fandom wiki lists Shaily Dubey as voicing Gallus, so Season 7 material was dubbed? No sources so maybe fanon.
      • Shaily Dubey seems like a real person. Unfortunately, Indian pop-culture articles on Engliish Wikipedia tend to be horribly written and under-detailed so I can't find much more then that.
  • Pinkie Pie's Hindi name is पिंकी पाई apparently; useful for searching. We also have names for Trixie (ट्रिक्सी) and Rarity (रारिटी) but their names are generic enough to come up with other results.
  • Hindi Wikipedia has no reference to पिंकी पाई.
  • According to my girlfriends, Pogo is basically the 'dump channel', any kids show that none of the other networks want goes there. Maybe explains why the content there hasn't been dubbed.


My general theory so far is the show has no special dub in India. Maybe some promotional material got dubbed or they made their own promos and that's where we're getting this information from.

Opinions and stuff[edit]

I generally like everything in the My Little Pony franchise, every major thing at least. There are some stinkers, but ultimately I like the whole series.

I'm crappy at explaining things, so please do bare with me.

Thoughts on Generation 5 -- so far![edit]

Updated up to Template:Oct.

I'm not caught up on Gen 5 so maybe the recent media has stuff that blows me away but currently, I'm not really vibing with it. Generation 4 was clearly a kids franchise, but it was always written in a more all-ages approach. Gen 5 on the otherhand seems really focused on the kid demo. That's not bad or anything, it's just not for me. I struggle to really get invested in the stories it tells because they often lack meat on their bones. Compare the Make Your Mark shorts to the Equestria Girls shorts and there's a night-and-day difference. In just three minutes, the EG shorts could tell fairly compelling stories about insecurities, compassion, or just full little skits. There were quiet moments, moments to reflect. Make Your Mark just...doesn't have that. It's always so loud and busy. I love the voice cast, especially Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and at least enjoy most of the characters [though I think they kind of removed any 'edge' that made Sunny an interesting protagonist, someone who wanted to seem progressive and cool but ultimately didn't do the right things and mostly made her activism into a vanity project, while genuinely having the best interests at heart, and just made her a pretty basic all-loving hero with little flaws -- her being a food-truck chef is an interesting occupation tho] but the connecting issue of everything needs work.

The world it builds also just Despite its much kiddier storytelling, the premise of the show is inherently kind of messed up. Not in the fun way either, a way that nulls the entirety of Gen 4, or at least its ending. That no, what Twilight did wasn't good, and the peace of the world she managed to forge was weak and didn't last. For Gen 5 to exist, Gen 4 had to have a 'bad ending'. I'm not forsaking Gen 5 for this as some fans are, and we are pretty early in its lifespan so maybe they're going to do something interesting with this premise but...I'm not sure what they can do that wouldn't cause a conflict of interest. Either they go full continuity -dirty P word- and re-introduce long-lived characters like Spike or Discord into the main series and go over how some of the species like Kirin, Hippogriffs, Dragons, Deer, etc, fit into all this and make the world feel more compete at the risk of alienating kids, or alienate adult fans by brushing these aside, which seems antithetical to its entire premise being a continuation of a show that most kids in the demo wouldn't have watched, much less know the lore of.

I'm all for big long single-continuity shows like Power Rangers or the WFC era of Transformers, but it doesn't seem to really work for MLP. The show is for kids young enough to where the sense of mystery of what came before doesn't seem to be a selling point, but maybe they know what they're doing. If they take their time and age the show for their aging audience, I think they can please all demos. I hope the creative team the best!

When I think Pony is at its best[edit]

I think the My Little Pony franchise is at its best when it's portraying a surprisingly realistic sense of comrade among a group of people. Generation 1 had this to an extent, mostly with Megan and her friends, but this was done best in Generation 4. The dynamic between a massive cast of characters is handed incredibly well. There's a lot of whimsy and magic involved, but the core concept of just people hanging around each other is still executed very well. These characters really do feel like real individuals; they have jobs, families, goals and aspirations not necessarily connected to their friends, love-lives, school-lives, you name it. It feels like we follow the day in lives of these characters, rather than just short, cute stories, but those still have their places.

I also love how the series can balance this realness with some great fantasy and adventure. We get these great character dynamics, and cool dragons! And sometimes, the dragons feel just as real as everyone else.


  • My Little Pony 'n Friends: This is honestly a really fun show! The biggest appeal of it is you never really know what's going to happen next. There's almost no continuity and each episode is purely self-contained, which makes for fun episodes if you just want to kick back and enjoy the insanity of 80s cartoons. Surprisingly has a ton of notable people involved, like Nancy Cartwright and some writers for freakin Disney films.
  • My Little Pony Tales: Not as good as n friends, but far from a bad show. It gets far to much hate because ("because" looks like a bed when spelt) certain cartoon reviewers on YT said it was bad, but it's really not. Like n friends, it has a great episodic nature with each episode being far removed from the last; yet it also has a decent amount of continuity for a mid 90s kids show. What makes the show great in my eyes are the characters, they're all surprisingly fleshed out, rounded and well-defined, each ith their own detailed personal lives and personal drama, which isn't to disimilar to Friendship is Magic.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: By far the longest running Pony show and generally considered the best. With 9 seasons, I cant really sum this up in a single paragraph, so I wont!
  • 'My Little Pony: Pony Life: I feel like a lot of people forget Pony has always been chasing trends, so they really shouldn't be shocked with the aesthetics of Pony Life. In my opinion? It's cute! Like how Pony should be.

Comic books[edit]

  • My Little Pony Comic: Shares the same charm as n Friends, but nowhere near as much. It has its own mythology going on with recurring characters not in the cartoon and the behind-the-scenes of it is pretty neat. I love all the cute little British terms like how it describes the ponies as getting "crossed" all the time and it has a sweet gentleness that is weirdly lacking from a lot of Pony material.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (comic book): With over 80 issues, I can't really give this a proper opinion since the quality varies so much. At its peak - which I believe sadly happened rather early in its run - It's way more fun than the cartoons, but lacks the same level of sentimentality, with some exceptions (Friendship is Magic #40) but at rock bottom? It can be downright mean-spirited and angry, which Pony should never do.
  • My Little Pony: Micro-Series: Cute fun! That's the best way I can describe Micro-Series, each issue is a one-off character piece that generally either dives into a personality trait of a character that isn't as established as their other traits, like Fluttershy's artistic side, Spike's gentle, brotherly nature or Celestia's judge of character. Some issues dive straight into the sentimental side of Pony, while others are content with just being fun, one-off adventures. Theirs not really a single bad issue, and I can't think of a "low point" in this series, it's all really good!
  • My Little Pony: Friends Forever: Like Micro-Series, this series is a lot of cute fun! It's a lot more sentimental as it focuses on the dynamics of multiple characters, sometimes duos we've grown to love already, but haven't seen as much, and sometimes characters with no real prior interactions. I wish we got more out of it, however, I feel like a better character study on characters like Snips and Snails would've nice, and a less mean-spirited issue on Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon would've also been cool. I think my favorite issue was Zecora and Spike, since it touched upon Spike's insecurities, while also establishing a new side of Zecora's character that totally works with what we know of her.
  • My Little Pony: FIENDship is Magic: It's pretty good. That's all I can really say about this series. It has a great starting point with the first issue, focusing on Sombra's past...but other than that? The rest of the series is far from bad or anything, it's generally pretty well written and the art is consistently excellent, but it's not nearly as memorable, with later issues not hitting a high value of fun, sentimentality or cuteness. In fact, some of the stories are kinda miserable feeling, which I guess works for the tone but still.
  • My Little Pony: Legends of Magic: Probably my favorite of IDW's titles. I feel like really captures the high-fantasy, good-natured feeling of the franchise down to a T. but I feel like the earlier issues are better than the later ones. This is partly because the later ones are drawn by Tony Fleecs, who I'm sure is a wonderfully nice guy in real life and he really has improved as an artist...but his art always feels like a downgrade, especially when it comes after the always-amazing Brenda Hickey. The other reason why I don't like the second half as much is some of the whimsical of the stories fades and the "darker" side of MLP comics shows up, it was exciting as a teenager seeing ponies basically openly threaten to murder each other, but now as I get older, I like pony most when it's stories about love in its many forms, as cheesy as that sounds.
  • My Little Pony: Ponyville Mysteries: Love it! It has the cute and sentimental nature of the show with a great framing device that lets us see underused characters when they're more vulnerable. I wish we got more issues out of it, as I can only imagine they would've told even more fun stories.
  • My Little Pony: Nightmare Knights: Some people love this series, I just couldn't get into it. There's nothing really bad about it or anything, Stygian is such a good-natured, kind stallion that I love seeing him trying to be bad, but the dark atmosphere and mean-spirited nature of the world just doesn't do it for me.
  • My Little Pony: Spirit of the Forest: Not bad or anything, but felt like a kind of "nothing" storyline. It didn't really do much for the characters or world, and what it did was already kinda done in other stories. It's got a real good-natured vibe, the color pallet is great and it's nice to see the real villain of the world for a change, capitalism, but other than than that, it doesn't do much for me.
  • My Little Pony (Pucchigumi manga): It's pretty far removed from everything else, but it has a charm of its own. The sheer wackiness and silliness with its manga aesthetics lends itself surprisingly nicely to the tone of FIM and the characters all play off each other wonderfully. It has a nice warmth that's similar to the tone of the first season, but isn't as sentimental.
  • My Little Pony: The Manga: Love it! It has a lot of the same kinda silliness as the other manga but has a lot more cute character interactions. The storyline is freaking insane in the est possible way, filled with tons of Dr. Who references. It's awesome.

Equestria Girls[edit]

  • My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Gets a bad rep, but I think it's actually better than Rainbow Rocks...seriously. The story is far more structured and it's one of the few times we really get to see such earnest interactions between Twily and Spikey, not to mention it's one of the few times where we get to see Spike do something really cool that is in no ways played for laughs (when he defended Fluttershy from Sunny), which shows how kind our favorite baby dragon really is. The music is great, the animation is great, I love all the little slice-of-life scenes like when we see the girls eat at the Sweet Shoppe, I love the slapstick nature of the comedy, which was starting to die out in the franchise when this movie came out, so it feels like a "last hurrah" of the sense of humor found in earlier G4. Overall, I'd recommend you go back to this movie, it's a ton of fun!
  • Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks: My least favorite of the main Equestria Girls films...seriously. I still really like it, but it's the one I've gone back to the least. I just don't find it nearly as fun as the original, a lot of the comedy and whimsy is gone, the constant toy ads really gets in the way of the story* and I just don't find the three baddies very interesting. Plot is a lot more loose too, wouldn't doubt if it's because of the toy ads I mentioned before and we don't get as much fun slice-of-life scenes. Still, a fun film, but not my favorite.
  • Equestria Girls: Friendship Games: I often forget this one exists, despite it being the most "important" film in the series asides from the first. That's not to say it's bad or anything, but the overall plot isn't as memorable. Sci-Twi is an amazing character, she's different enough from Princess Twilight to be a distinct character, but also similar enough to where she feels like a different version of her. I think later media really has her shine as a character, but I love her quiet nerdiness and awkwardness in this movie.
  • Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree: Probably my favorite of the films, it's when the characterization of everyone really starts to set in. We get to see a more casual, and romantic(!!!) Twilight Sparkle, a more heroic Sunny, and a more good-natured Snips and Snails, as opposed to their weirdly thuggish personalities in the first film. The two new characters, Gloriosa Daisy and Timber Spruce are also a ton of fun and great additions to the series, though sadly Daisy has only had cameo appearances since. The camp atmosphere is taken full advantage of, we get to see a ton of new places all throughout Everfree Forest, which makes the film the most visually impressive.
  • Equestria Girls: Better Together: Probably my favorite bit of Equestria Girls media! But mostly the first season...Every episode in the first season feels like a complete story, despite them only being 3 minutes long, with beginning, middles and ends, with bright, colorful and really heartfelt little one-shot stories. The second season isn't nearly as good. Instead of feeling like entire stories, each episode feels more like a comedy sketch, they're not bad or anything, but it felt like a downgrade in comparison to the first season.
  • Equestria Girls: Rollercoaster of Friendship: It's good. Aside from Holiday's Unwrapped, I think it has the best "slice of life" aspects, we get to see characters in the background constantly doing stuff together and develop friendships, while the foreground plot never becomes distracted by this. The setting is awesome, a themepark for the girls to fool around in, with a nicely dramatic mainplot to reel in the silliness.
  • Equestria Girls: Spring Breakdown: Second favorite of the specials. The Lux Delxue is a cool setting and I love how it felt almost like a culmination of several little mini-storylines, we get to see Lily Pad with her family, and Curly Winds gets to do some heroic stuff where he saves his boyfriend "friend" Wiz Kid from drowning. The character interactions are all great, the places are exciting and the drama is probably the most tense since...ever, really.
  • Equestria Girls: Sunset Shimmer's Backstage Pass: Man. This is one of the very few pieces of media I actually think is just kinda bad. The setting is really boring, which is a shame since it's pretty unique, an entire concert akin to Woodstock for the girls to have hijinks in. But it just fails at it. The time-travel gimmick means we see the same places and characters over and over again, which makes the comedy incredibly tedious as we essentially see the same jokes over and over again, only with slightly different twists. The slice-of-life aspect of the girls living together in an RV for a few days is just wasted, we get very few good interactions with them and the entire movie is hyper focused on Sunny and Pinkie, who just don't have as much chemistry with one another as other the girls. Pinkie herself is a character best left in small doses, not an entire 44m special. The villains are dull, the music is really underwhelming, the new characters don't do much, and to top it all off, it's just an adaptation of a book that wasn't very good to begin with, so if you already read just have the entire story already, nothing new to discover.
  • Equestria Girls: Holidays Unwrapped: Favorite special! Like Rollercoaster of Friendship, theirs always something to see in the background, but you're never distracted by that*. The anthology style of the special is a great change of pace, instead of trying to stretch a potentially iffy story for 44 minutes, it instead gives us a handful of 8m long minis that are just filled with everything you want from this series. Great comedy, super cute, sentimental, exploring love in its many forms, great character interactions and just so very energetic and busy. One weird thing I want to praise is how the special isn't a white Christmas, it's kinda refreshing to see a Christmas story where it's not snowing and is just kinda cold. Also, seeing the Equestria Girls being involved with a charity event is really cute.

* I know Equestria Girls was entirely made to push a new line of human dolls, but still. The other films are far more subtle about it than Rainbow Rocks and don't get in the way nearly as much.

Unpopular opinions[edit]

  • Snails is the most fleshed out and nuanced character in the franchise.
  • Sunset Shimmer is a terribly written character, but that's also kind of what makes her one of my favorites. Writers cn never figure out what she's really like, and so she can work in pretty much every scenario in the series or fanfic. It's great.

Amelia rants about ponies because she's a grown woman[edit]

It really bugs me how boilerplate MLP's social media is. Even more then other Hasbro brands. You think with a fandom as ravenous as this, they'd put iin some effort.

Also bugs me that for Pride Month, they just slapped LGBT colors on a stock image of characters that we dont even know anything about yet. We have plenty of gay characters as is...well, only like four not countiing random ones Hasbro probably doesn't even know about like Sappho, but still.

I really hate pony toy bios. Transformers and G.I. Joe get actual descriptions of the characters histories and personality, but MLP? We just get 'likes to sing' apparently.

No one gets uppity about the insertion that Alizarin Bubblegum and Celery Stalk are romantically inclined when the shorts make it preeeetty clear, but mentioning Wiz Kid and Curly Winds may also be in romantically connected when they cuddle and blush in each others presence is too much apparently