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Alexandra Carter
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Job(s)Voice actor
EmploymentHasbro Studios

"Browsing today & stumbled on a sad sight: a "What Happened to the Mouse" ref to my MLP character, Twist "
— Carter, 2014

Alexandra Carter (April 27, 1990), often shortened to simply Alex and known by her usernames TheSagaciousG and oversharingmadeeasy is a former Canadian voice actress who as of 2023 works as a physician assistant residing in New Mexico. She was known for her cute, nerdy voice, often portraying young children in her appearances. She is the sister of Adrienne Carter.


Fandom involvement

Having retiring from acting c. 2013, Carter's character of Twist was all but retired as well. Possibly due to her fans not knowing of her career shift, a small movement to make Twist a recurring character on the show known as #bringbacktwist began to make rounds on Twitter. Carter herself would respond to a number of these tweets reflecting on her brief role and expressing joy over others appreciating her work.

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