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Alexandra Carter
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Job(s)Voice actor
EmploymentHasbro Studios

"Browsing today & stumbled on a sad sight: a "What Happened to the Mouse" ref to my MLP character, Twist "
— Carter, 2014

Alexandra Carter (April 27, 1990), often shortened to simply Alex and known by her usernames TheSagaciousG and oversharingmadeeasy is a former Canadian voice actress who as of 2023 works as a physician assistant residing in New Mexico. She was known for her cute, nerdy voice, often portraying young children in her appearances. She is the sister of Adrienne Carter.


Fandom involvement[edit]

Having retiring from acting c. 2013, Carter's character of Twist was all but retired as well. Possibly due to her fans not knowing of her career shift, a small movement to make Twist a recurring character on the show known as #bringbacktwist began to make rounds on Twitter. Carter herself would respond to a number of these tweets reflecting on her brief role and expressing joy over others appreciating her work.

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