Shining Summer

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Shining Summer was the promotional event dedicated to the release of My Little Pony: A New Generation in mainland China, which will officially release on July 30, 2022. The event was promoted on Weibo, and a series of nine official photographs were made of the event. [1] The event was noted for its statues.[2]



  1. 没有人能躲过#小马宝莉新世代# 的可爱风暴[抱一抱[抱一抱]“闪耀夏天”首映礼可爱多多欢乐多多,无论大朋友小朋友都被画风明朗、活力唱跳的《小马宝莉:新世代》治愈了[彩虹屁][彩虹屁]这个周六,你的快乐就在电影院等你哦~电影火热预售中,马上买票马上开心! ​​
  2. These Giant G5 MLP Statues