My Little Pony: A New Generation

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My Little Pony: A New Generation
Director Robert Cullen
José L. Ucha
Writer Gillian Berrow
Tim Sullivan
José Luis Ucha (story)
Producer See list
Editor Inbal Elazari
Music Heitor Pereira
Cinematography Todd Heapy
Production company Entertainment One
Boulder Media
Distributor Netflix
Running time 91 minutes
Release date September 24, 2021

My Little Pony: A New Generation is a 2021 3D/CGI [1] animated film which premiered in cinemas on 24 September 2021, by the film company Paramount and 20th Century Fox. [2] [3] Other studios include Revolution Studios and All Spark. [4] [5]


For reasons unclear, Equestria has drifted apart over the many moons since the reign of Twilight Sparkle. Very few ponies remember her and the rest of the Mane Six. Two such ponies are Sunny and her father. Though her father, an academic researcher, tries to educate others on how ponies of all kinds used to be friends and were united under a single banner, the three kinds, Earth Ponies, Pegasi, and Unicorns now live in fear or hatred of one another.

Sunny, now still a filly, tries to teach her friends, Hitch and Sprout, about this, but they jut believe its a foaltime story. Her and her father send out a message letting any unicorn or pegasi who find it know that they're their friends, no matter what society says. As the years go on, Sunny still believes this, but her two friends, now a sheriff and deputy respectively, still don't believe her. Sunny herself now acts as an activist, crashes a tech-showcasing event advertising anti-unicorn and pegasus weapons and equipment to promote her cause. Her demonstration goes poorly, however, and after she leaves the establishment, she s greeted by a good-natured unicorn named Izzy.

Due to the city's fear of unicorns, the entire populace try to get away or trap her, while she simply believes this to be a game. Sunny manages to protect Izzy long enough for them to meet up at her residence, a lighthouse in the towns outskirts, and the two connect and bond. Izzy lets Sunny know that unicorns no longer have magic. The two set off on a daring adventure to try to find a way to restore their magic and maybe mend the social wounds between their two kinds. Meanwhile, Hitch goes off on his own adventure to arrest and save Sunny, leaving the power-hungry Sprout in charge of police work in Maritime Bay.

The duo finds themselves in Zephyr Heights, the city of the pegasi before long. There, they meet up with Zipp Storm, a pegasus struggling to fly, but the mysterious mare leaves them once two other pegasi, guards of the city, meet them and arrest them. They bring the two ponies in the audience of Queen Haven, the queen of the city. Haven, though still frightful of the two, allows the ponies to have a comfortable stay in her castle, and there, they some across her two daughters, Pipp Petals, and the aforementioned Zipp Storm. Zipp informs them that pegasus cannot truly fly and instead the royal family simply uses strings and good lighting.

Zipp befriends the two and shows them an old and abandoned 'station' from when Equestria was united. Noticing a symbol that involved two crystals together, Sunny came to the conclusion that the solution to their problem was to unite the two crystals, one symbolizing pegasus and the other unicorns. Together, the three pegasi tried to steal the crown of Haven at an upcoming performance by Pipp, realizing it was apart of the symbol. At the show, the heist goes successful at first, until Haven's dog discovers their actions and messes up the plan, revealing to the entire audience that Pipp is faking her flight. Meanwhile, Hitch finds his way to the show.

Although greatly upset at her sister, Pipp does join the ponies. Likewise, Hitch also becomes a begrudging ally of theirs as they set off to the unicorn city of Bridlewood. In the city, Izzy gives everyone make-overs to blend in with unicorn society better. Their first stop is a restaurant called the Crystal Tearoom, where they find that the unicorn crystal is owned by the competitive Alphabittle. Sunny challenges Alphabittle to a Rubix Cube match and bets the pegasus crystal, but instead he has them compete in a dancing contest. Sunny just barely wins, but in her celebration, she loses her horn and the entire restaurant finds out that she and her friends are not true unicorns. Alphabittle in a fit of rage demands her that she gives him the pegasus crystal because she tricked him, but the friends escape the building before he can get it. Outside, they're confronted by Queen Haven, who just wants to go home with her children, and in the chaos, Izzy and Sunny try to unite the two crystals, to no avail.

The group all return to their respective homes, heart-broken but at her house, she discovers a third crystal. However, before she runs back to her friends, she finds what had happened while she was gone. Sprout now the de-facto leader of Maritime Bay, has all of its residents under his control. Sunny's friends come to Maritime Bay, deciding they were friends no matter what society said, and together, they must stop Sprout and his army of brainwashed minions.

After Sprout's very own giant robot destroys Sunny's house, they manage to unite the three crystals, only to realize that the crystals were purely symbolic and that the love that the friends share is enough to grant magic back to Equestria.









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Within its opening week, A New Generation ranked as the 5th most viewed move on US Netflix total and the 1st most viewed on Netflix Kids. The latter of which rung true for several other countries, such as the UK, Mexico, and Brazil.[6] Also within its first week, the film ranked an impressive 100% Review Score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 94% Audience Review Score.[7] The film currently boasts a 7.5 on IMDb, with 600 user reviews.[8]


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