Royal Guards of Equestria (Reflections)

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The Royal Guards of Equestria are two factions of Pony guards seen in Equestria, one was in service to King Sombra, while the others were employed by Fauxlestia and Dupluna. Both groups are known to include Earth Pony members.


King Sombra's guards

King Sombra's guards are attired in black armor, consisting of boots on all four hooves, protective collars connected to armor on their backs, and helmets. Several of them apprehended the Mane Six when they arrived at Canterlot, having mistaken them for the Mane Six of their own universe.

Fauxlestia's guards

Fauxlestia's guards, who presumably served her for some time before Princess Luna joined her in villainy, patrol the Castle of Two Sisters. The one guard seen wore a golden peytral, a gold and white-striped skirt, and a matching gold and white-striped headdress resembling that of King Anubis, but decorated with a sun image on his brow. He also carried a spear which he gripped with one hoof, on which was seen a golden shoe.