Rockin' Convertible

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And people complained the first film was just there to sell toys

The Rockin' Convertible[1] is the car used by Vinyl Scratch.


When the Equestria Girls were finally freed from the trap Trixie Lulamoon put them in, they believed they were defeated when the Dazzlings began to sing in front of a huge crowd. However, thanks to Vinyl and her car, they were able to broadcast their music from the other side of the hill.[2]


Equestria Girls, the more down-to-earth series
  • Series: Rainbow Rocks
  • Accessories: Glasses, vehicle. Second release comes with a doll of Vinyl Scratch herself.
  • Releases: Two in 2014, exact dates unknown

The Rockin' Convertible is an entry in the Rainbow Rocks toyline. Their were two releases of the two, with the second one containing a doll of Vinyl. Both also had slightly different packaging with the first one featuring the name of the car in multiple languages, while the second was only in English. The first one also contained production artwork of Vinyl herself, while the second one did not, presumably because it already had a doll of her.