Robert J. Walsh

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Robert J. Walsh
My Little Pony staff
Job(s)1986-1987, possibly 1992

Robert Joseph Walsh (December 4, 1947-October 17, 2018) was an American film and television composer. After a brief stint at Warner Bros. Animation, Walsh would begin a career at Marvel Productions, where he would produce a number of themes for the My Little Pony television program and its 1986 film.


My Little Pony

Original Music Score Composed and Conducted: All episodes and My Little Pony: The Movie

Individual credits per composition, list currently incomplete

Composition Appearance Other staff
Ahgg's Mountain The Movie Ashford Williams
Baby Lickety-Split's Gone Unknown Clifford Kinder, Spencer Michlin
Bushwoolie Peeps Out Of Hole Unknown None
Bushwoolies Emerge Unknown None
Draggle and Phume The Movie Don McGinnis
En Route to The Moochick The Movie Don McGinnis
Go Flutter Ponies Unknown William Ashford
Grundle King The Movie Don McGinnis
Hasbro Song Copy Test N/A None
Here Comes the Smooze The Movie William Ashford
Hoof and Mouth Unknown None
Hydia at the Lava Pool The Movie William Ashford
Hydia at the High Seas The Movie Don McGinnis
Mane Event Unknown None
Megan and the Bushwoolies The Movie Don McGinnis
Megan and the Map The Movie None
My Little Pony My Little Pony 'n Friends Anne Bryant?
My Little Pony and FRI BG Cues Unknown None
My Little Pony Cable BG Cues Unknown None
My Little Pony Cues Unknown Donald McGinnis
My Little Pony 'n Friends Unknown None
My Little Pony 'n Friends Unknown Ford Klinder, William Ashford, Spencer Michlin
My Little Pony: The Movie main theme The Movie William Ashford

Related shows

Composition Franchise Appearance Other staff
Glo Friends Christmas The Glo Friends Unknown Tommy Goodman
Glo Friends BG Cues The Glo Friends Unknown None

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