Prince Phillipe de Brandefort

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Prince Phillipe de Brandefort
My Little Pony character
Biographical information
ResidencePalace de Brandefort
FamilyBrandefort royal family
RelativesSuzette Brandefort (sister)
Real world
"The Prince and the Ponies"

Prince Phillipe de Brandefort was the righteous and rightful ruler of the kingdom of Brandefort. Brave, adventurous, a skilled fighter and a natural born leader, Philip had the ability to inspire hope in his men and friends alike.


Phillipe and his sister Suzette Brandefort ruled their kingdom with kindness and generosity, though at some point, they were imprisoned by Duchess Lucien and her wicked daughter, Marquette who through unknown means, managed to win over the loyalty of the guards and palace staff. With the help of the ponies and his own natural martial talents, Phillipe was able to escape his prison, defeating a number of the guards in sword duels. Phillipe was able to win over the respect of his men once more by effectively showing them that the Duchess was a cruel and rotten woman, as his guards could not bare to see her physically harm the baby ponies. After her defeat, Phillipe once again became the ruler of Brandefort.


Phillipe was kind, just, brave and caring. He was a skilled fencer, capable of fencing against guards. He was a great leader, capable of commanding the respect of men several years his elder, while also having a youthful spirit to him.

Behind the scenes

Phillipe most resembles an elf, but is never referred to as such in the episode.



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