Old Equestrian

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The title of this article is conjecture. It is a noteworthy enough aspect of the franchise that has no name, canon or otherwise. Instead it was named via context clues such as its title, position, ownership, relevance, or any other identifier. See AltName for subjects which have fan names instead.
The Legend of the Mare of the Moon written in "Old Equestrian"

"Old Equestrian" was a either language spoken or a writing system for the Equestrian language used at some point in Equestria during the Era of Princess Celestia.


The language seems to be a logographic system of sorts, as it appeared to have far fewer symbols than words spoken. Further supporting this is the symbolic nature of each symbol, closely resembling that of everyday objects and visuals seen in Equestrian society. The writing system seemed to be capable of being translated in Common Equestrian just fine, meaning it may have just been a writing system.

Its relation to Olde Equestrianne, if there is one, is currently unknown.