Myths and rumors of My Little Pony

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Despite being a major franchise, My Little Pony, especially within the earlier generations, is a fragmentarily documented one with many gaps and holes. Often times fans either took it upon themselves to attempt to fill in these gaps and thus, lies, half-truths and misunderstandings often flourish within the fanbase.

Myths and rumors of Generation 1

Tony Rosato portrayed Zeb

Tony Rosato (December 26, 1954-January 10, 2017) was an Italian-Canadian actor best known for portraying Luigi in Super Mario Bros. Super Show and for his appearances on Saturday Night Live. On September 18, 2019, an anonymous Wikipedia editor vandalized Rosato's article to claim he portrayed the minor My Little Pony villain Zeb. Although this claim was made with no citations, the rumor is still quite prominent in the fandom and has appeared in a number of fanworks regarding the first generation.