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Arabia, a land based off Middle Eastern legends and folktales

The Middle East was a region located in Asia and made up a large chunk of the lands area. The lanscape of the location appeared on many globes in Ponyland.

Fictional counterparts

The Middle East had a literary appearance in My Little Pony as Arabia.

In Friendship is Magic, the realms of Abyssinia and Saddle Arabia both appeared to be modeled after aspects of the Middle East. While Saddle Arabia has next to no information on it other than it exists (and it doesn't even appear on any of the official maps), Abyssinia has had much more information. Being a trade nation, Abyssinia admittedly seems more based off of Northern African culture, but has geography reminiscent of the Fertile Crescent.

Abyssinian attire also appeared to be modeled after Middle Eastern attire, such as the Thawb.

In the Three Tribes era, Pre-Equestrian ("Prequestrian"?) ponies were seen wearing Middle-Eastern style clothing, such as Flurry.

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