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Throughout the My Little Pony franchise, fruit has made a number of prominent appearances as a common source of pony cuisine as well as appearing in several cultural and artistic aspects of pony life.

List of fruit


An apple is a type of fruit commonly eaten by both ponies and Humans, though can be enjoyed by any species.

Apples are small, typically red, but can also been green or yellow fruits with a leafed stem. Apples grow on Apple Trees, which are typically grown in orchards. Apples have been made into many different types of foods and drinks, such as Apple pie, Apple cider, Apple fritters and countless more. The fruit was also notable for being the namestake of the famous Apple family.

They are not related to the similarly titled Pineapple, which grow in tropical places such as Gallopinghost Island.

Apples were often the driving conflict between the Apple family and the dishonest Flim Flam Brothers, who mass-produced low quality apple products in hopes to compete with the honest farming family.

During the Night of the Living Apples storyline, several apples came to life, lead by the evil Bad Apple. Discord also brought a number of apples to life in a misguided bid to assist Big McIntosh with his proposal to Sugar Belle.


A Lemon was a small, yellow fruit that was consumed by ponies.

Not much about the importance of lemons was clear; they were eaten by ponies and were important in pony naming conventions, as several individuals had names referencing lemons.


An Orange was a fruit that grew on Orange Trees.

They share their name with a color and a family, as well as number of characters. Oranges appeared to be more popular in Eastern Equestria, as the presence of the Orange family likely had a similar affect there as the Apple family did in Central Equestria. A branch of the family was also active in Western Equestria.


A Pear is a green fruit that grows on Pear Trees.

Pears are associated with the Pear family, who for a time lived predominantly in central Equestria. However, after years of feuding with the neighboring Apple family, they seem to have mostly relocated to northwestern Equestria, specifically the Vanhoover area, where they were able to greatly expand their business.