Fire Streak (firefighter)

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The name or term "Fire streak" refers to more than one subject. For a list of other meanings, see Fire streak (disambiguation).
Fire Streak
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Unicorn
Real world
Ponyville Mysteries #3

Fire Streak was a red-tinted unicorn pony who live in Ponyville, Equestria. A good-natured if slightly rough unicorn, Fire Streak helped in uncovering the events of the Retirement home fires.


Fire Streak is an unicorn male who lives in Ponyville. Alongside his peers, a Purple mare firefighter and a Gray stallion firefighter, he helped clear out the Ponyville retirement home during the mysterious fires. He delivered the bad news that the elders couldn't sleep in the home for awhile while also beginning a proper investigation on why the fires started.[1] During the investigation, he was confronted by teh well-meaning Cutie Mar Crusaders who wanted to help, but he warned them not to go in the doors he locked up, as it could be dangerous.[2] Sometime later, he helped Mayor Mare with boarding up dangerous rooms.[3] When the crusaders had a breakthrough, they burst into the retirement house, spooking him[4] but when he realized they found out what really happened, he praised them but also warned them not to do such dangerous things again.[5]


Fire Streak was kind and hardworking, but sometimes let the stress of his job get to him. Although he didn't want the Crusaders risking their lives for the investigation, h was grateful for their help and showed a warmer side to them when they succeeded.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Fire Streak shares his name wit a Wonderbolt for the same name. He first appeared in the semi-canon comic Ponyville Mysteries #3 as a firefighter helping Mayor Mare.




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